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Course for climbing the Nakadake (Central Peak) of Mt. Hiko

Mt. Hiko Climbing Courses are courses for climbing the Kitadake (Northern Peak), the Nakadake (Central Peak), and the Minamidake (Southern Peak). We’ll introduce the most popular climbing course, the Nakadake climbing course because the rails are well-maintained

AM9:50~ Going to the Hoheiden by Hikosan slope car.

Starting from Hana station of Hikosan slope car. It takes about 7 minutes to get to the Hoheiden near the bottom point of a trail up the mountain. You can also climb up the stone stairs on the approach of the Hoheiden.

AM10:00~ Start climbing up the mountain.

The course for climbing the Nakadake starts from the torii gate next to the Hoheiden
Please enter the torii and keep going up the stone stairs in the cluster of cider trees at
the beginning and keep walking comfortably at your own pace.

AM10:20~ Arriving at Ichinotake Lookout.

You will arrive at the Ichinotake Lookout after climbing up for about 15 minutes from
the Hoheiden. Please take a break at this rest stop.

AM10:45~ Arriving at Nakatsugu Shrine.

After climbing up for about 25 minutes from the Ichinogake Lookout, you will arrive at the Nakatsugu Shrine. Some parts of the path from here are flat so that you can climb more easily.

AM11:15~ Arriving at Musubi Shrine.

You will see the Musubi Shrine after climbing up for about a half an hour from the Nakatsugu Shrine. There is a water fountain, so you can drink some water here.

AM11:30~ Almost to the top of the mountain.

The Upper Shrine on the peak of the mountain is close after the Musubi Shrine.
Let’s keep going up the last stairs until arriving at the top of the mountain.

Arriving at the peak of the Nakadake.

It takes about 90 minutes to get to the peak of the Nakadake from the Hoheiden.
The area of the peak of the mountain is very large so that you can enjoy having a break and lunch. The Hakuju Renzan can be viewed if it’s sunny.

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