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Mt. Hiko Sightseeing Spots

Hoheiden at Hikosan Shrine

The Daikodo Hall of the Reisenji temple built during the Shuken-do period is a National Important Cultural Property. Shrine buildings are scattered in the broad area from the Hoheiden to the Upper Shrine located on the top of the mountain. The Hoheiden is the largest shrine building existing on Mt. Hiiko and a number of tourists and worshippers visit the Hoheiden all year round.

Takasumi Shrine

This shrine was called Buzenbou until the Edo era. It is famous for the God of Buzenbou Tengu. The shrine is surrounded by a thick bunch of trees such as cider trees with suitable atmosphere for the mystic folklore of tengu. The Tengu cider tree which is estimated to be 850~900 years old is rising into the sky on the grounds of the shrine.。


The Kane-no-torii, a 7m-heigh bronze gate, is located at the entrance of the approach of the Hikosan Shrine. This is designated as a National Important Cultural Property. There is the Hoheiden after climbing up the stone stairs on the approach of the shrine about 500 m from this bronze gate.。


On the both sides of the approach to the Heihouden from the Kane-no torii, there are remains of houses which monk-soldiers used to live during the Shuken-do period. The Zai-zou-bou well preserves its Shuken-do period's structural remnants. It is designated as a cultural property by Fukuoka prefecture.


Onisugi is a cider tree, about 1200 years old, rising in Mt. Hiko. It is 38m in height and 13m diameter. The Onisugi is designated as a national natural treasure. You will feel its overwhelming power when you look up the tree.


The small hill, which is an upthrusted large rock, is overlooking the whole picture of Mt. Hiko. The views overlooking Mt. Hiko from here during all four seasons are magnificent.

Fukakurakyo (Fukakura Canyon’s Valley)

Fukakurakyo at the base of Shoujigatake in the southwest of Mt. Hiko is very quiet because it is located deep in the mountains. Fukakuraenchi (Fukakura Natural Park) located in the middle of the Fukakurakyo has walking trails overlooking various scenic spots such as autumn leaves, various shaped rocks, and the sight of the two rocks connected to each other with a sacred rope.

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